Inevitably, life throws curveballs in our direction, and when this happens we (as humans) begin to overanalyze our abilities. Often when we do this, we end up doubting ourselves! Though we cannot control everything (nor should we try), there are two strategies that can help us stay out of the “doubt zone”! 


Two Strategies to Tackle Curveballs

Focus on Your Strengths

Ultimately, people are walking contradictions that affect what and how we solve problems! Sometimes we are both:

  • Happy and sad
  • Hopeful and pessimistic
  • Childish and mature
  • Scared and peaceful
  • Angry and content


That said, we are also full of both strengths and weaknesses and when life throws curveballs we have a tendency to focus on our weaknesses. Instead, it is beneficial to focus on the strengths. 


An individual\’s strength is often a talent where they have the capacity to withstand great force or pressure! Oftentimes, these tasks are “easy” for the person and will often provide a sense of satisfaction. The cool thing is that we all have them!



So the next time life throws a curveball, lean into your strengths and focus on what you do well. Of course, there is always room for improvement, but there is no need to obsess over what was not perfect! By doing so, you’ll be able to handle the unexpected with more vigor! 


Set Up to Succeed

Inevitably, curveballs head our way when we least expect them and are not always something we think might happen. Therefore, we cannot necessarily make a plan to combat them. However, you will have a much better chance of success when you can clearly identify your desired end result. Once you’ve identified the result, you can create SOPs laying out the necessary to-do’s required for specific projects. 


Final Thoughts

As we said before, life throws curveballs! However, with a little bit of positive thinking and preparation, you really can tackle the unexpected! 

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