In our last blog, we gave some suggestions on how to combat fear. This week, we are going to look at two ways to boost your inner confidence! Why? There are all kinds of strategies, ways of thinking, patterns of behavior and practical tips for becoming the best entrepreneur that you can be, but they\’re all redundant if the foundation [confidence] isn\’t there. So let’s dive in!

The ways to Boost Your Inner Confidence

Know Your Values

Why is it that some people and situations leave you feeling happy, joyous, free, and ready to take on the world while others will leave you feeling angry, frustrated, demotivated or deflated? It’s because one or more of your values are triggered (either positively or negatively). When we feel positive after an experience with a person or situation it is because our values are being confirmed! Contrarily, when we have a negative emotion after an experience, it is because our values have been denied. Why do they evoke so much emotion? Because your values represent YOU! Your values are who you are and live inside of your core; they’re the building blocks, the foundations and cornerstones for you. 

Once you really identify your values, your confidence will blossom. This is due to the fact that your values will help you feel assured in any decision you make, and they will allow you to not feel mad or sad if someone disagrees with you! By knowing and living by your values, you can start to make choices and align your life around them. 


Pro tip: Jay Shetty’s Book, Think Like a Monk, has some great tools on how to really identify your values!

Push Your Own Boundaries

Confidence is a muscle, and like any muscle, you need to exercise it to keep it! But how do you start? You need to first identify what in your life comes easy to you by noting what activities you always do! Then, compare that list to the various things that you turn down. For example, if you like to workout and your friend invites you to a new workout class, and you say no? Or perhaps a group of friends often invite you to dinner and you say no. Just make a list of the activities that you turn down! Once you have that list, have a heart to heart with yourself and determine the reason you said no! 


Pro tip: I suggest running your list and your reasons by a friend, colleague, or significant other! Truth be told, we can be a bit easy on ourselves when we don’t want to be totally honest!

Once you can identify why you turned an activity down, it\’s time to push your boundaries by putting yourself in that situation! Please note that, just because you try it once doesn’t mean you have to keep doing it! (For example, if you DO go to the workout class with your friend and you just did not like the class, you do not have to go back! The thing is, you did what made you uncomfortable… and you got through it! 

Having the willingness to push your own boundaries will undoubtedly boost your inner confidence! So, push yourself! Just know that it is okay to NOT push yourself when an activity goes against your values! As we mention above, knowing your values will help you feel confidence in your decisions!

Final Thoughts

Having confidence is key when it comes to running a business! So, we strongly encourage you to take some time to really identify your values, and then begin to push yourself!