Many of our articles focus on ways to help you, as the entrepreneur, to hone your own skills. That said, this article is written to help you help your executive assistant create effective processes. Doing so will greatly free up your time, and help them implement your needs!

Typically, executive assistants’ days are routine. Every routine task should be considered for optimization!

Below are some great methods to help them create effective processes.

Knock Out the Important Tasks First

Each person is unique, so their days will be different. Some people are super creative in the mornings, while other people are better at knocking out very detailed, mundane tasks earlier in the day. It is important for executive assistants to recognize what parts of they day are ideal (for them) for certain tasks. 

Then, they should work on identifying (they can straight up ask you) what tasks need are the most important. Once they have done this, they should schedule their days, based on the type of task, around the best time (for them) they should work on that project. 


Helpful Ways to Identify What Should Be Done and When

  • What tasks need a lot of attention and focus?
  • Is there a time of the day are you most attentive?
  • Which tasks need to be finished regularly?

Review Current Processes

Have them go through each project, and write down the exact steps that they take to complete the task. Encourage them not to judge the step or overthink it and just do everything the way they normally would.

Can Something Be Streamlined?

Once your executive assistant has identified their processes for their projects, it is time to determine which of these could be streamlined. (Sometimes it can be helpful to do this with them.) For example, are there certain steps that can be combined or removed altogether? 

Pro tip: Encourage them to ask questions and have an open mind!

Make Revisions

Now, have them revise their processes and then implement their new ideas. For a few weeks, they need to take notes on what is and is not working, and then repeat the steps to help identify more potential improvements. 


Believe it or not, some of your executive assistants tasks can be handed to another person in the company. Let them identify which ones, and encourage them to delegate the tasks. 


Note that it is important to let them do this, and do not do it for them. Not only will this empower them, but it will allow them to choose which tasks they are great at, and which ones should be given to someone else (who might be great and efficient). 


Delegation Tips:

  • Help them understand that the point of delegating tasks is not to simply lighten their workload! 
  • Focus on which tasks that, when passed, will provide additional time for you to complete the projects that they are good at!

Once your executive assistant dials in their ideal process, have them record it! This will both help solidify the tasks, but also be a reference incase they forget. (Sometimes, we as human beings can randomly forget how to spell simple words!! So, even if they do a task repeatedly, there may be a day that they just blank). 

Pro Tip: Encourage them to use this as an outline and not be a slave to their new SOP! 

Fill the New Free Time

Now that they have some extra time, assign new tasks and have them go through these steps with those projects!