There comes a time in many companies where the entrepreneur has to pass work off to additional people! (That’s right, you’ll have to trust your baby and vision with another person). Whether you\’re a natural born leader, or need a bit of work, this is where leadership comes into play. Below, we discuss a few techniques to improve your leadership skills!


Focus on Communication

There is only one way to pass a task to another person… communicating! Now, every single person has a different communication style, which can often become difficult, so here are a few tips to help you communicate



Develop a relationship with your employees through engagement. Additionally, support your employees by asking for their thoughts and discussing their ideas! This will help them feel valued and heard.


Ask them Questions

Clearly, we just mentioned that asking questions is helpful. But it is so important that we are going to mention it again. Additionally, it will be helpful to learn about them, on a personal level, and their goals!

Collect Feedback

It’s easy to think that you’re doing a great job, when in fact, you can make big improvements. Therefore, it is important to ask your employees for feedback. It may not always be helpful or implementable, but it can help YOU learn different ways that they communicate and how you might pass on various tasks. 

Building Delegation Skills

It can be helpful to delegate many tasks (not just the ones you no longer want to do) to others! Here are a few tips to make delegation simple and effective.



Even if the task is relatively simple, giving others an opportunity to follow through on a project can boost their confidence! Additionally, if you are passing on a task that may require them to learn new skills, it can help empower and motivate them!


Provide Training

If you are relying on giving your employees an opportunity to learn something new as a form of empowerment, actually giving them an opportunity to learn the skills, on your company’s time, can be very beneficial! That way, they won’t grow resentful and frustrated!


Stay Flexible

Creating an SOP can be helpful! However, requiring someone to do a task the exact way that you do the task, can stall their efficiency. Still provide the SOP, but provide the space to let them develop their own ways of completing a task!


Additional Leadership Skills:

Financial Transparency

Sure, you don’t need to tell every single employee your exact revenue, but sharing percentages and goals can really motivate them!


Use Technology

When it comes to leadership, there are so many different ways to use technology to your advantage! For example, using a project management tool such as Basecamp or Asana to help! Additionally, making use of basic communication tools such as Slack can be very helpful!


Give Back

People have a tendency to get great joy out of helping other people! Creating some kind of a community give-back initiative can be very rewarding for your team!


Final Thoughts

While your company continues to grow, it is very helpful to develop great leadership techniques! Doing so will only help your team to prosper! We strongly encourage you to start taking some time and foster your leadership skills.