If you want your brand to succeed, it is critical that companies and individuals are actually aware that you exist. One of the best ways to do this is by fostering a relationship with journalists and influencers while also producing engaging content that drives traffic to your website. How do you do this? By creating a public relations strategy, and following through with it. 

Before we dive in, let\’s first define “public relations”! According to Oxford Languages public relations is a noun meaning, “the professional maintenance of a favorable public image by a company or other organization or a famous person.” This is important to point out because oftentimes, companies believe that PR is simply getting some love from the press. Now, this is partially true, but since the boom of the internet, the concept behind “press” has changed. That said, it’s time to create a public relations strategy  perfect for the 21st Century!

Capture the Attention and Support of Influencers

Yes, the word “influencers” has earned quite a bad reputation over the past few years. It’s almost bewildering to see individuals make a career out of “posting their opinions and favorite brands (ie. the brands that pay them) on social media platforms”. Sure, this is annoying, and can be outrageous, BUT when properly executed, fostering a relationship with influencers can be very powerful!


Helpful Tips:


  • Understanding the value and effectiveness of influencers is critical! According to some surveys, almost half of consumers rely on their recommendations, and many marketers say they’re more profitable than other marketing initiatives. Understand that, when executed properly, an influencer can be very beneficial for your brand! However, it\’s about choosing the right ones. Why are they so helpful? In recent years, market surveys show that most people make a purchase, pick a doctor, choose a diet plan, and more based on recommendations. Especially since 2020 and COVID-19, since so much human interaction became virtual, more people are turning to virtual recommendations.
  • If you own a medical practice and want to attract potential patients, it might not be the best option to work with an influencer that specializes in food. However, it could be. Before you start working with an influencer, determine who your target market actually is, and who they follow. If they are avid foodies, then this route would be great! Contrarily, if they are die-hard fast-food lovers and really don’t care about the next hip restaurant, perhaps a different influencer would be better! So, do your research, first!Once you have discovered the type of influencers you want to use, look through your own network. You might already be connected to one of them! Or, perhaps one of your connections is connected!
  • Influencer campaigns can quickly become expensive. That said, it is a great idea to build a relationship. Now, that does not mean they should give you free exposure! In fact, people have a tendency to take a project more seriously when they have a contract involving some amount of money! That said, building a relationship can really help open opportunities outside of simply handing over cash! Thus, making it more cost-effective for you!
  • When the influencer publicly shares your information (whether as a post, video, or even on the news or in a newspaper) be sure to share it, give them a huge thank you, and help promote it! Doing this will definitely help you foster a relationship with them! 

Creating Your OWN Content

We get it, this can be exhausting and feel impossible to keep up with the trends! However, it will behoove you to be at least somewhat aware of what is going on in the world, especially what type of content your target audience is consuming! Below are a few helpful tips to create impactful content (which is an important part of a good public relations strategy) and lure in potential customers.


Content Strategies:

Once you identify your target market, and what they like, start producing fun/engaging content for platforms that they love! Now, at first, the content may not be impressive, but keep at it. Just don’t try all of them at once. When you finally have a good groove going for one type of content and outlet, then add another one. After a year or so, you can start comparing which ones are driving the most traffic and converting to sales. Then, put your effort there!

  • Develop partnerships! Think back to high school and college. The “coolest person” was never the one standing up saying, “I’m so cool!”. They were usually the ones that other people said: “are cool”. So, co-branding initiatives with other companies that your target market likes and trusts is a great way to make engaging content!


  • Please use pictures/video/and or visuals in general. A couple of years back Forbes referenced a study that says, “91% of consumers prefer interactive and visual content over traditional text-based media.” 

  • Use Live Streams! For whatever reason, people seem to love live streams! This is great since it is very easy for the average joe to do this! So, do it!

  • Make it emotional! People will always connect on a deeper level when they are emotionally captivated! Just be sure to tug at the emotions that your target market finds interesting! 


Actually Make Use of Technology

We understand that using new technology often comes with a learning curve. However, it can be really helpful. Oftentimes new technology, when used to its full extent, can save you time and money! 

Tips to Consider with Technology:

  • Analytics are your friend!!!! A lot of the information above requires you to determine what is working, what isn’t, and what tweaks can be made to help campaigns become more impactful! The only way to do this is by measuring what is and is not working. How do you do this? Through analytics! This is definitely a piece of technology that you SHOULD use… always!

  • Can artificial intelligence complete or help you with a particular task? Likely, yes! You do not have to do everything! Make use of the tools that will support your efforts.
    • For example, there are now very helpful AI tools that can help analyze analytics! So, you don’t need to comb through every single piece of information! Instead, you can just read a report, see where most of the traffic is coming from, and pivot from there!
  • Stick with the tools that work! You know the saying, “why fix something that isn’t broken”? Well, that applies to implementing technology as well!

Pro Tip: If there is a new tool that people are using, likely there is a reason. However, if that reason fills a need that you already have covered, don’t switch! 

Final Thoughts

While you are looking for new ways to grow your company, consider creating a public relations strategy, and make use of the tips listed above!