When pursuing big goals, like running a successful medical practice or company, people are often required to say “no” more than they say “yes”. Below is a list of common behaviors and activities to avoid, the ones that stand in the way of your dream! 


Behaviors and Activities to Avoid


Attempting to Control Everything and Everyone 

Stop worrying about things outside of your control! In reality, the only thing you can control is your reaction to people, places, and events. Everything else, can just spike anxiety and fear, and waste your time!

This one is a bit easier said than done, and it is often easier for a third party to point out what we cannot control than trying to identify it ourselves. That said, it is really important to have a business coach, a therapist, or even both! 


Worrying About What Others Think of You

Spending your energy trying to prevent what other people think about you is frankly, a waste of your time, and impossible to control. There is a fun saying, “It’s none of your business what others think of you!” Though that can be hard to swallow, it is true! Be true to yourself, and as Taylor Swift says, “shake it off!”

Pro tip: If it makes you feel any better, people spend less time thinking about you than you might imagine! So, take solace in that!


Wasting Time (In General)

Okay, this one seems obvious, but the reality is, we are all guilty of it and oftentimes oblivious to it! You know the saying, “We don’t know what we don’t know”? It is true! Therefore, in order to stop wasting time, it is imperative to identify our own time-wasters! To do so, for one or two weeks, keep a journal recording every task that you do (from scrolling on Facebook, checking your email, looking at texts, etc.) Then, color code them (just with a dot near it). This will really help you see where your time is going, and provide some motivation to stop, or put restrictions on, some of these time-wasters! 


Get off the internet! 

No, not forever, just stop going down research rabbit holes for the next age-defying skincare or shopping when you could/should be working on your business! We get it, watching a Youtube video featuring a bunny feeding a baby kangaroo might be the most uplifting video… but you can always watch it while you are not drowning in unread emails!


Respect TV

Watching a television show or movie can be fun, but it can also turn into a mental crutch! So, if you plan on watching TV, set parameters for yourself! This will help you know when to turn it off when you need to!


Put Your Phone Down!

For an entire day, try to avoid looking at your smartphone (unless someone calls/texts you). Then keep a tally on every time you look at your phone! Additionally, try and tap into what you were feeling prior to grabbing the phone (maybe you were angry, stressed, bored, etc)! This will help you identify the reason for mindlessly playing with your phone, which may help you manage that impulse!

Stop Taking on Other People’s Problems!

Stop allowing the world’s problems to be your own problems. Now, let me be clear, it is great to be aware of what is happening in the world at any given moment, but there is a big difference between being aware and letting it destroy your hopes and dreams (this goes hand in hand with worrying about things you can’t control). For example, you can argue about politics all you like, but you’re likely not going to change anyone’s mind. Instead, focus your attention on the things that matter in your life! 


Don’t Fret About Failing

In today’s day and age, we (as a society) have a horrible relationship to the word, “failure”. The actual definition is, “a lack of success in some effort.” Failing at something doesn’t make a person bad! We suggest looking at goals as experiments! If you know it\’s possible, keep trying until you get there and be happy that every “failure” just provides you with more knowledge for future attempts. 


Be YOU, Not Anyone Else

There are no two people on this planet that are exactly the same (even identical twins have differences). Embrace it! It’s great to have role models, but don’t try to be them… it is impossible, and in reality, we need you


Just. Get. It. Done!

Do not procrastinate! Look, we are all guilty of procrastinating! That said, it is a horrible time wasting activity. So, we suggest choosing a few basic daily activities, such as drinking coffee, and complete (including the coffee pot and mugs) the entire task at once! The means, don’t save “cleaning the coffee pot” for 6:30 pm. Just do it now!

Doing this will help you create better habits in the future! 

Stop Going After Pleasure

If we spend time only seeking pleasure versus progress, we tend to end up in bad places and always looking for more. So, instead, make micro, daily goals, and celebrate every time you take a step towards finishing those tasks!

Final Thoughts

This list of behaviors and activities to avoid is just a list! If you hope to make a positive impact on your overall productivity, you need to implement these suggestions! And if you need a little help, that is what we are here for! 

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