Every human being has the exact same amount of time in their day, and yet, many of us can feel like we never have enough. As entrepreneurs, it always feels like there is another task that needs completing, and our to-do lists never seem to end. Unfortunately, we cannot tell you how to actually add more time to your day (we haven’t been able to figure that out yet), but we can tell you how to save time… thus, freeing up a few hours to do with as you please!


1. Remove Unnecessary Tasks

I guarantee there are certain “to do’s” that are either unnecessary or that YOU do not need to do. For example, does a doctor need to be answering phones to schedule appointments? No. It is perfectly acceptable to pass this task off to a secretary or virtual assistant! Doing so can create more time to spend on other important tasks!


2. Goodbye Social Media… For Now!

How often do you catch yourself spending time scrolling through social media accounts? In reality, it is likely more time than you’d like to admit! That said, perhaps it is time to temporarily pause your social media accounts and give yourself a break! If this seems too daunting, perhaps just delete the apps from your phone. This is a simple way to save time!


3. Disable Notifications

In today\’s day and age, it is really easy to get distracted! So, do yourself a favor and eliminate the distractions by removing notifications! I promise, you do not need to know every time a person texts you or comments on your facebook post! Believe it or not, the message will be there when you complete whatever it is you are working on! That said, allow yourself the time you need to finish a task, and you will definitely save time!

4. Breathe

I know you love your best friend, but it really is not necessary to use the same amount of focus sending a text message as a surgeon in brain surgery! So, prior to each task, determine how much time and energy you need to spend to finish it, and how “perfect” it needs to be. 

5. Be Efficient

When tackling a task, ask yourself how you could do it better and or faster. Note that, doing this by yourself can often be difficult. Therefore, keep a list of the various tasks you do throughout the day and discuss them with your business coach!  


6. Schedule Your Day 

We often mention the importance of scheduling your day! So, do yourself a favor, schedule out your day, and make an effort to stick to the schedule!

7. Track your time. 

Keep a journal next to you and track your time… all of your time. Note when you are working, looking at new shoes, scrolling through social media, getting a snack, talking to a colleague, etc. This will help shine some light on what is eating away at your time! Then, you can start to make changes which will eventually help you save time

8. Plan Your Meals

Sure, eating takes time, but so does choosing a meal or a snack, taking time to order out or grocery shop, and even preparing meals! By simply devoting a small amount of time to determine your meals for the week, you will prevent many wasted minutes! 


Final Thoughts

Again, it is impossible to add more time to a day, but it is possible to save time! By saving time, you can regain lost hours thus, ultimately, adding more hours to your day! So use the steps mentioned above, and watch how much extra time you get!