As we are approaching Christmas and New Years, we cannot help but think about how many entrepreneurs, especially in the medical field, feel pressured to work, work, work through the holidays. If you feel like this, it’s not only time to change, the success of your company may rely on you needing to change! (And not just this time of year… ALL YEAR!). So here are 6 tips that will help you balance your work and home life! 

5 Tips to Balance Your Work and Home Life

1. Use a planner. 

By simply planning out your days, you can save yourself a LOT of time. The trick here is to add both business and personal commitments to the calendar. That way, you can make sure that you are attending to both. 

Pro Tip: Color code work and personal commitments! This will really help you visually see what is taking top priority in a day, week, and month. The reality is, as the owner of a medical practice, some days will require all of your time. When this happens, carve out the “lost time” over the next few days for personal time! 

2. Stay Flexible 

When a schedule is too strict… it can easily stress anyone out! Therefore, use a schedule like a guide, and leave gaps that allow for flexibility! Also, it’s good to have a rough idea of a Plan B, just in case things go sideways. 

3. Communicate

Say it with me, out loud, right now — com·mu·ni·cate! 

The reality is, you are never the only one battling a busy schedule. So, when you are experiencing scheduling stress, communicate with your staff AND your family! Let them know when you will be spending extra time at work, and extra time at home. 

Additionally, if there are important dates like an investors meeting or your daughter’s piano recital, let your team and family know! This will definitely help you!

4. Have Backups!

You know the term, “on call”? USE IT! Whether you literally schedule on-call shifts for employees OR you just have a list of go-to backups that you can count on when things get crazy, this is one of the best ways to help you balance your work and home life!

If a personal issue needs to take you away from work, if possible have someone cover your shift! Thus, you won’t be as overwhelmed when you get back to work!

If you find yourself in a bind and cannot pick your kid up from school one day, call a trusted friend, your significant other, or even ask an employee or business partner. Life happens! We are not perfect! Just do yourself a favor and make a concerted effort to not let this become a habit! 


Never underestimate the power of a break! Even one as small as 5-10 minutes can make a huge difference. I suggest learning a few breathing exercises to help with focus and stress reduction. Then, implement these during your breaks. 

Also… take breaks to eat! So many entrepreneurs forget to eat (or do not prioritize it). Just like a car needs gasoline, your body needs fuel from food! 

Schedule your breaks into your calendar! 

6. Worrying Wastes Time – So Stop!

If you are worried about work while you are at home, and then worried about home when you are at work… you are wasting time! Stay in the moment and focus on the task at hand. If needed, keep a notepad near you so, in case a thought pops up that you do not want to forget, you can simply jot it down, take comfort in knowing you won’t forget it, and then handle it at an appropriate time! 

Final Thoughts

The six tips listed above can definitely help balance your work and home life. All you need to do is implement them. (Start with one and slowly add the others! It will be less overwhelming!)

Now, go enjoy your holiday!

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