It is common for medical entrepreneurs to dream about their future company and life. When the dreams are alluring enough, they often turn into plans. The thing is, though, many plans stay as plans. It is far easier to write a plan than to take action. So here are five of our favorite tips that can help turn your plans into reality!

Five Tips to Turn Your Plans Into Reality

Be Decisive

Frankly, decisiveness leads to success whereas fickleness leads to a never ending hamster wheel. Therefore, pick a road that you will love and stick to it

Pro Tip: This doesn’t mean that you will have to live happily ever after on this one road. Just be sure to give it your all when you start the journey and make pivots after really making an effort. 

It is also important to understand that you are picking the road for YOU and let others determine what road is best for them. For example, if you want your child to work for Goldman Sach’s after graduating from a top university, they are the only ones who can make that call — not you! So when decisively choosing a road, choose that road that affects YOU!

Choose Realistic Goals

Do you remember seeing ads on late-night television for the ultimate pill that, “Will help you lose 30 pounds in one month without any exercise or diet changes”? They never work… because they are not realistic or practical. So when making plans, it is critical that they are realistic. Give yourself a practical amount of time to actually achieve the goal.


We often say, “I will start eating better TOMORROW”. Well, I hate to break it to you, but “tomorrow” is always a day away. The only way to start down a path is to actually start. 

Taking the first step can often provide that spark that will help gain momentum! If your goal is to start a medical practice, there are many tasks that lie ahead. So, pick one! Then look into possible buildings and start getting quotes! 

Starting is not the same Completing… and that is okay!

Using the example above, if you are trying to open a medical practice and you START by looking for possible locations and getting quotes, there are still many tasks left. Remember that your practice will not open the very next day!

Additionally, every single step should be taken one at a time! And be okay with that. Every large dream requires multiple, measurable, and attainable goals that eventually add up to a dream turned into a reality. 

You don’t have to know everything!

To be honest, most medical entrepreneurs are great at their profession (since they dedicated YEARS of their lives to learn their specialty). That said, most are not experts when it comes to running a business! So, sign up for a course  take an online class to learn excel or any other area of running a business that you are not well-versed in! Know that you will need to learn some new things, and be okay with it.

Additionally, you do not have to KNOW everything!

If there is a particular task you need to complete in order to put your plan into action, there is likely an experienced professional that can do the task in half the time! Therefore, be willing to determine which tasks you should do and which ones should be passed onto a more experienced professional.

Pro tip: This is where a business coach becomes invaluable. They help show the forest through the trees, and empower you to make confident decisions! 

Final Thoughts

Many dreams turn into plans that never turn into action. Often, the culprit is due to complacency, laziness, and/or fear. Likely, fear is the biggest one. So the next time you have a dream that turns into a plan that you really want to see happen:

  1. Be decisive
  2. Choose a Realistic Path
  3. Start
  4. Break it into small steps
  5. Give yourself time to learn OR delegate tasks that are better suited for experts

Use these tips and turn your plan into reality!