We have been dedicating our recent blog posts to the beloved email list— why they are important, how to leverage a list, and how to grow them. But here is the thing, there is a chicken and egg scenario when it comes to email lists, in order for them to be truly powerful, you need a decent size list. That said, we are shining more light on how to grow an email list and focus on lead magnets (which we briefly discuss here), one of our favorite tools to grow a list! Here are our seven favorite ways to grow your email list with lead magnets!

Pro Tip: The most important takeaway from this article is, lead magnets must be high value! 

Grow Your Email List with Lead Magnets



eBooks are popular for business owners to leverage because they are easy to produce and publish. An eBook is a PDF file with a cover and table of contents. It can be as short or as long as you’d like it to be, from a short report to a full A-to-Z guide. 

To use an eBook as a lead magnet, you can either provide a free download of the eBook itself in exchange for an individual’s name and email address, or you can create snippets of free content related to the eBook that people can download after registering for your email list. Whichever option you choose, this is an easy way to grow your email list with lead magnets!

Content Upgrade

A content upgrade is an extension of the free content you offer. For example, if you have an article with 5 tips, give the reader 5 additional tips in exchange for their name and email address. Another option is to offer add-ons such as templates, worksheets, or cheat sheets that help people implement what they learn in your free content.


Host a webinar discussing a topic that will interest your target market. Teach them how to solve a problem or overcome a challenge that they are facing using your expertise. The webinar is free to attend in exchange for signing up for your list.

Again, it is important to make your lead magnets high-value. Therefore, if you choose to host a webinar, be sure to make it interactive so the participants get the most out of it.

Pro Tip: Don’t give away the farm! Give enough USEFUL information (that the listeners can actually apply), but be sure to leave them wanting more. Realistically, not everyone will want more. But that is OKAY! This will help you differentiate qualified leads from those who just want to get as much free content as possible! Jim Kwik often offers incredible free content, without giving away the farm! So if you need an example, check out his content!

Video Training Course

We get it, not everyone wants to write an eBook (and honestly, not everyone will read an eBook). Fortunately, video training courses can offer educational content, too! An example might include transforming a large task into bite-sized pieces and producing a video for each piece. You can send the videos as installments or give the subscriber access to the whole course at once when they sign up for your email list. 

Video Tips: Not everyone is a professional videographer! So do NOT stress trying to make yours a hollywood production! But, you can still put your best foot forward by implementing these tips:

  • Use a microphone! The most important thing about an education video is making sure your viewers can HEAR the content you are providing. So, whether you are using a headset or a standing microphone that plugs into your computer, just be sure to use one! 
  • Lighting! Make sure that your face is lit. You can do this by sitting in front of a window (your face needs to face the window), or purchasing a ring light. Just make sure YOU are not some shadowy figure in your video. 
  • You can use your computer’s video recording capabilities! 
  • You CAN edit/trim them down, but if that is too daunting, don’t worry about it too much!

Free Newsletter

Frame your email list as a free newsletter. Create a schedule for sending out your newsletter and pack it full of helpful tips, articles, interviews, and exclusive deals. Make sure you explain clearly to your potential subscribers exactly what they can expect from your publication. Offer a sample so they can see what they’ll get.

Free Trial

Another great way to grow your email list with lead magnets is by offering a free trial. Just note that this often works best if you have a membership site, software program, app, or other subscription-based service. This serves a double purpose by getting them on your list and also offering a sample of your product — which can lure them in!


A toolkit takes a variety of media and puts it all together in one place, usually a zip file. It might include a workbook, checklists, a calculator, and video tutorials to show the subscriber how to use the tools, all related to a certain task or topic.

Final Thoughts

Anything is fine as a lead magnet as long as it offers unique value to your audience. Just remember, your lead magnets should be enticing enough to actually capture names and addresses, and high quality enough to jumpstart a great relationship with a potential client. 

So the next time you are wondering how to get new leads, implement these ideas to grow your email list with lead magnets!