When it comes to marketing, and increasing SEO, blogging is one of the most effective, and lowest hanging fruit! But there are a few things that you need to consider to make it impactful — one of which is choosing a name. The goal is to make the name memorable! By doing so, It has to stick in people’s minds so they can remember it, talk about it, and recommend it to friends. So, how do you choose a great blog name? Here are a few tips! 


The Elements of a Memorable Blog Name 

What makes a blog’s name memorable? It contains at least some of the below elements: 


  • Relevant to Your Topic. The name should remind people of the subject of your blog.  
  • Relevant to Your Audience. It should speak your audience’s language, using the same voice your audience likes and the tone of your blog. 
  • Unique. It should stand out from others in your topic so it sticks in people’s minds. 
  • Humor. If you can make people chuckle when they see the name of your blog, it will be easier for them to remember it. 
  • Alliteration. Alliteration is a literary device that repeats consonants or vowels to make it catchy. Examples are PayPal, Twitter, and Coca-Cola.
  • Linked to Your Brand. It is helpful for your blog name to connect to your brand’s logo, motto, mascot, or other design elements.

How NOT to Choose a Blog Name 

On the other hand, there are some mistakes to avoid. Although you want to use keywords and make your blog name SEO-optimized, do not stuff it with keywords that do not mean anything. You’ll come up with a generic name that search engines like but your readers can not remember, or worse is uninteresting and thus readers will not click!

Now, it is always tempting to be creative! But do not go too far! Here’s an example — some women wear makeup and then some women wear enough makeup to be seen on stage from the nose-bleed section of a sports complex (while going to the gym…). Now, to each their own (if that is what you like, you do you!) BUT when it comes to naming a blog, do not choose a name that’s impossible to pronounce, remember, or too far off the wall People should be able to look at a name and instantly understand what the blog is about. 

Since it should be unique, do a quick Google search to see if there is a popular blog or website that is very similar. There is a good chance you’ll find blogs with similar names, but you do not want people getting yours mixed up with another. 


Humor helps but avoid irony, inside jokes, or allusions your audience will not get. When using humor, aim for something your readers will easily understand and laugh about along with you! Be careful with any negative terms like “cheap” or “broke” that might hurt your brand image. 

Also, try to keep your name from being too narrow and specific. 


Brainstorming a Memorable Blog Name

Create a huge list of ideas. Use random name generators, look at blogs in your niche for ideas, and consult the dictionary and thesaurus to get as many ideas as possible. Then, run them by friends and associates and get their feedback. Get your list down to the perfect name and you’re ready to go.  


Make sure to include the keyphrase(s) in the Blog Name

Now, we kind of touched on this topic above. It is important to not force the inclusion of the keyphrase, but it is important to include it! Why? Well, ultimately, the point of a blog is to help drive traffic to your website, and they stay on your website! But it is hard to make sure a blog post will drive traffic to your website if you do not include a keyphrase!

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, to choose a great blog name you need to spend some time on it! Therefore, the blog can serve a purpose and not just act as filler content on your website!

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