As entrepreneurs, we all start with a dream, turn it into a goal and our excitement fuels our motivation to start! But then, inevitably, life happens, things pop up, and the motivation becomes a distant memory. So, how do you stay motivated while building your business? Below are three of our favorite motivational tips, but we first need to address the elephant in the room… taking action is a critical component to staying or regaining motivation!

What We Mean By “Taking Action”

Let us use a common new years resolution – losing weight. The entire month of December, you gear up for the New Year, new you mentality. You think about going to the gym, meal prepping and cutting out junk food. You get excited, the fantasy is glorious, and you have all the motivation to start!

Come January 1st, you work out like a champ, eat clean, meal prep, and follow through with your motivated goal. However, by February, obligations of everyday life begin to set in and you simply do not make time for your fitness goals. Regaining motivation will require you to continue going to the gym, watching the numbers go down, or noticing that your skinny jeans fit again! 

Does this predicament sound familiar?

The thing is, when it comes to starting a business, we all come out of the gates racing! But once things get hard, and life happens, the motivation to start becomes a distant memory. 

Often, people hope that by reading motivational posts or blogs, they will get the jumpstart they need. Sadly, that is not really how it works. You can read thousands of motivational tips and talk about them all day and night, but if you do not take action by applying them, you will not progress.  

Do not just talk about it, be about it!

Although it sounds redundant, taking action encompasses more than just saying what you want to do. If you want to stay motivated while building your business, you have to do more than read tips! You have to apply them!

Imagine if Steve Jobs sat around in his garage repeating to himself, “I’m going to revolutionize the tech industry,” effortlessly hoping a computer would magically appear on his desk. The entire world of technology as we know it would be different. He had to put in the necessary work (ie. take action) even when debilitating obstacles stood in his way.

Do Not Let Fear Stand In Your Way!

Sure, whatever it is that you are striving for may seem impossible. It may even seem scary and overwhelming. You have to realize how much potential you really have and allow that to be your motivation to start or refuel to keep going. Fear cannot hold you back unless you let it. It is merely another excuse. 

When your feelings of inadequacy begin to outweigh your feelings of comfort, you will grow tired. This is when you need to lean in and do everything you can to diminish that feeling and become your optimal self. The intolerable nature of your current situation should be the motivating force behind getting up, going out, and obtaining what you want. BUT YOU HAVE TO TAKE ACTION AND TAKE THE FIRST STEP!

A few actionable tips to stay Motivated While Building Your Business:

*** Just remember, these only work if you take action and apply them!

  1. Start Now

Procrastination is the killer of all dreams. Tomorrow is such a bittersweet concept that pacifies our excuses. If you are waiting for a convenient time to get (re)motivated, stop it. In reality, there is no convenient time to challenge yourself. Take tiny steps if you have to and be proud that you are moving. Eventually, thousands of the Even if the steps towards progress are small, they will eventually count toward your bigger vision. Make it a goal to do one thing a day that will eventually get you closer to where you want to be.

  1. Create a Vision Board

Vision boards are excellent reminders that can keep you on track and help you to stay accountable. Using a corkboard, pin different pictures, and motivational quotes that inspire you. Hang your board in an area where you can look at every day. The goal is to visually outline your goals so you can organize your thoughts and have a clear picture of where you want to be. Not to mention, they’re a blast to create!

*** Oprah has a few suggestions on how to make a vision board that actually works! ***

  1. Fully Immerse Yourself In Your Dream

One of the best ways to increase your motivation is to stay up to date on your area of interest. Take cooking for example. If your goal is to become a master chef, learn everything you can about cooking. Learn the history, learn about the top performers. Maybe shadow a chef to soak up their experience. Whatever it is that you’re wanting to do must be of interest to you. Educate yourself to the best of your ability and that excitement will give you that extra push to keep going.

Final Thoughts

Look, we are coming off one hard year. But 2021 can be different if YOU take the actions necessary to do so. This can be the year of accomplishing our business dreams and living our best life. Sure, it’s easy to become complacent and fall back into old habits. However, why not encourage yourself to act beyond your means. We are all capable of accomplishing something great. We just need to find that passion and allow that to be our driving force to staying motivated. Allowing your actions to define you as opposed to your words, will help you advance on the road to success!