Business & Life Coaching

for Physicians and Attorneys

Stop choosing between your practice and your personal life. You can thrive in both! Here’s how.

Balance in your practice and your personal life is available to you right now. Believe it. Truth is - stress and burnout are insidious to business growth. In order to find balance and success in your career, family, and personal fulfillment - you need someone who's helped others do it before.

If you’re struggling with one or more:

Inefficient systems.
Invoices are not paid on time.
Billing, whether to insurance or billed directly to the client, is not properly executed.

Responding to practitioners in a timely manner.
Booking is a nightmare.
Doing work too far outside of your comfort zone.
Rarely having free time, or being stressed out when you do.

Then keep reading! I’m here to help.

You don’t have to go it alone. All business owners, but especially physicians and attorneys, understand that growing a solo practice comes with a unique set of challenges. Finally receive the support you need to scale your practice and succeed in and out of the office. This customized 3-6 month experience is extremely limited, so book your complimentary discovery call now. 

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1:1 Coaching for Physicians / Attorneys

Have you left a larger practice to start a solo practice?
Have you been in business or worked for another practice for a min of 5 years. 

Finding the most effective path forward is crucial to streamlining business growth. In this customized 3-6 month program for new and established entrepreneurs, you’ll learn how to make more money and achieve peace of mind by leveraging systems and strategies built for your business to last.

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1:1 Coaching for entrepreneurs

A self-paced experience guiding you through the tools and strategies experts use to grow business, strengthen their mindset and elevate their lives. Access four power-packed programs with modules on work life balance, mindset, goal setting and business management. 

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design a well-balanced life:  Signature Program