Many of us lack confidence, which prevents us from moving forward and occasionally prevents us from pursuing what we deserve or want.

It’s normal for us to undersell ourselves and believe we can\’t do any better than what we are doing at the time, whether it\’s at the job, in your love relationships, or even around the house. But it\’s a falsehood we tell ourselves to shield ourselves from the truth.

How frequently, if at all, would you say that you battle your inner voice, which has been feeding your doubts and undermining your confidence? Be brutally honest with yourself.

You let this prevent you from moving forward because you keep wondering what would happen if you just tried.

You allow this to hold you back because you can\’t stop wondering what will happen if you mess up, or embarrass yourself, and you are likely worried that you aren’t smart enough, you don\’t have enough experience, or you\’re not capable or talented enough. 

Self-Doubt Is Part Of You

It\’s a characteristic of human experience, and we don\’t have to go very far to see how self-doubt has hurt you up to this point. Even though it\’s normal, if you let it run uncontrolled, it will keep you from moving forward in all aspects of your life.

Far too many people sell themselves short because they have begun to accept the falsehoods they tell themselves, despite having tremendous aptitude and capacity. Doubt triumphs over taking initiative and pursuing accomplishment.

We don’t push back or say no when we\’re overwhelmed, we\’re too terrified to apply for the promotion we deserve, we\’re too nervous to make a life-altering phone call, and something prevents us from asking that person out. To properly shoot for the heavens, you occasionally need to grant yourself permission to be flawed.

This very human issue affects everyone, but you can overcome your self-doubt and take back control.

  • Embrace Doubt. Think about what you would like to change (or achieve) and remember that self-doubt is a reflexive device to protect you from humiliation. So, instead of beating yourself up for listening to your inner critic try to remember that it\’s only trying to protect you. Embrace it, and overcome it.  
  • Doubt Doubt. Doubt is not truth, as mentioned above it’s trying to protect you – the problem is it’s generally looking at the worst case scenario and making you run in the other direction. It isn’t the truth. Don’t believe your doubts, start to doubt them instead of doubting yourself. You are smart enough, worthy enough, and ready for this. 
  • Question Your Inner Critic. While some people look at the world through rose-tinted glasses, you might be looking at it through your inner critic. It’s essentially impossible to silence that critic, but you can absolutely limit its power by questioning what it tells you. 
  • Know The Mission Is Bigger. What is it that you are willing to be brave for? Understanding that your mission is bigger than any fear you may experience is the key to overcoming self-doubt.  

Make sure to surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you, empower you, encourage you, and edify you constantly. The people you spend time with form who you become.

You won’t experience complete self-confidence overnight; it will happen in small steps. Consider taking it one step at a time and treating your bravery like a muscle that needs to be routinely worked.


You need to put your self-doubt aside and stop undervaluing yourself because you can’t shoot for the stars until you do. Why are you holding out?

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